Sunday, September 27, 2009

Things Starting To Happen Quickly

After a short hiatus enforced by work travel, I'm back at it.

1) My shed gets installed tomorrow. It is a big 10x20 TuffShed. I had them put a 2-foot roof overhang on one end for storing firewood. I'm wondering now if I should have gotten the 2-foot extension on all four sides.

Before the shed can be installed, it needs a solid level surface. While they say it can be placed directly on level ground, I wasn't too keen on that idea. One of my neighbors runs an earthmoving business on the side. So I had him come put a couple gravel pads in. It is the first time I've used him, but I'm very impressed with his work. Both pads are very well compacted and it looks like he probably used a laser to level them.

2) Water Tanks - The DC water pump system doesn't produce enough pressure to directly drive a normal pressure tank based well water system. Thus I'll need to pump into storage tanks and then use a boost pump (also DC powered) to pressurize the system. I'll be using a pair of 1500gal water tanks. At a weight of 12000lbs each, I definitely need a good pad under them as well. Here is that pad

3) Lumber and man-tools. I want to put a fence around the water tanks just to screen them visually. Given the wet weather here, wood rot is a huge problem. I'm using a product called CPES from RotDoctor as a starting point. I'll likely also fill the checks in the fir fence posts with epoxy/sawdust putty and then paint them with a good polyeurethane coating. Likely Elastuff120 and a topcoat of RhinoTop also from RotDoctor. The so-called "pressure treated" lumber can rot quite easily here. I avoided it and went straight to green fir. The CPES/L&L/polyurethane coating should be far superior. I want to get started putting coats of CPES on tomorrow. That means a big load of 4x4s for fence posts.

Just in case you want to count them. Yep, 24 8ft 4x4s strapped down to the DiamondbackHD. I'm definitely getting some good used out of that. The bed is currently full of other manly implements of construction and destruction.

Time to get some sleep. The crew is supposed to show up between 0800 and 0900 tomorrow morning. Elysium is about an hour from where I'm living at the moment. There should be a big update late tomorrow evening.


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