Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Diesel Powered Equipment - grunt! grunt! grunt!

There are lots of places on my property I can't get my truck into. I also need something to mow the place. I could get a lawn tractor or a full-size tractor. Those can't get into the tight places. Besides, they aren't nearly as fun.

Arctic Cat 700cc 4x4 Diesel ATV. They were made in 2007 and 2008. Due to the changes in the diesel power vehicles regs, they weren't made in 2009. They are coming back as 2010 models. Developed in conjunction with Roush Racing, they were targeted at the military and farm/ranch markets. All those markets primarily run on diesel. A diesel powered ATV means they don't have to stock and maintain another fuel supply. I found this one still in the crate as a closeout at a local dealer. It was their last one. I did a bunch of research and digging online (shocking, I know). Everything I could find about them was positive. I also found 3-4 others for sale used. Those used units were the same price or more expensive than this brand new unit.

Needless so say, I'm a happy guy. In the picture, it is sitting on top of the bed of my truck. The DiamondbackHD bed cover is designed for exactly this use. The shiny things in the center are the ramps. I just drove it up there and strapped it down. Now another short work trip and then I can get to work!


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