Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Heeeeeee's Baaaaaaaack

After the small distraction of a 12 month deployment to Afghanistan, things are really moving again. I ran the numbers and even in fantasy land where I do 100% of the labor myself, I couldn't beat the price of a good condition used double-wide. I looked at a few and bought one on my 2nd day back in the US.

These pictures are of the house in its current location. Sometime next week it will be pulled from its current location and moved to the dealer's storage lot.

One of the features that originally attracted me to the home were the big windows in the living room end wall. I've got acres of beautiful trees to look out at. This is an external view. Facing the front of the home, these windows are on the end wall to your right.

The view from inside the living room is even better. Camera issue - it isn't nearly this dark inside. The windows bring in a lot of light. The wood paneling looks good. It doesn't look like the cheap hardboard fake paneling you see so often. I'm a big fan of the exposed ceiling beam.

Looking at these pictures before I went out to see the home, I thought the living room was tiny and the wood stove was huge. It is just the way the photo was taken. The wood stove is quite small and the living room is large, as well as, open to the kitchen and dining area. I've added replacing the non-certified wood stove with a highly efficient pellet stove to my projects list. The current models are even eligible for the energy efficiency tax credits.

The kitchen is a good size for me. Enough room to move around, while not being so big and open you need a map to get from the refrigerator to the stove. In some of the other homes I looked at, mostly new ones, the kitchens didn't seem as integrated. The cabinets were in small rows hanging on open walls. It gave the kitchen an unfinished look of something thrown together. The refrigerator, range, and dishwasher stay. I don't know about the microwave. The small counter-height table/bar in the kitchen is really a neat feature. Eventually, I'd like to replace it with a bar height countertop. The perfect thing for a quick meal or a nice dividing line for entertaining.

This is the master bedroom. The walk-in closet and master bath are slightly ahead and to the right of the frame. I was happy to see the room with furniture in it. Often when looking at empty rooms, they seem huge. It is only when you start trying to fill the room with your furniture that you realize things don't fit. Since I've already seen the room with a king size bed and some other furniture, I know things will fit well.

Do I even need to mention I'll be changing the color in what will be the guest room? The other two bedrooms are a really good size. One will become my office and ham radio room. The other will be the guest room.

The current owners have owned the home since new and done some upgrades. Both the front and back doors were upgraded to full-size residential doors. This is the back door leading outside via the utility room. You can see the washer and dryer peeking in on the right. They don't come with the house. I figure that is good. I can buy some of the uber-cool high efficiency front loaders. Since it is me, you know there will need to be lights, dials, buttons, and maybe even SNMP remote management. The shelves to the left are of a good depth. I see them getting replaced with something done in nice solid wood with a dark stain+poly finish.

I love the layout, the big windows, good kitchen, and well kept nature of the home. The only thing it really needs is new floor coverings. The present carpet and vinyl isn't damaged. It has simply reached the end of its visually appealing life. I'm thinking natural cork for the kitchen. Porcelain tile for the bathrooms and entryways. Solid hardwood everywhere else. The overall decorating them is "cabin in the woods". I'm thinking a slightly distressed fir or pine floor (yes, I know those aren't hardwoods) will fit the concept well and give it a very warm cozy feel.

Updates should be much more frequent now that things are getting underway. Once the detailed elevation survey is done, I may be looking for input on where the house and garage-mahal should be sited.

Stay tuned.....