Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Septic System Installation Underway!

WAHOO! HOORAY! Dirt is finally getting moved on the property. After a minor heart attack when the health department said they didn't have my well test results, all has been rectified and the septic system installation is now in progress.

This is an overview of the working area. The tank lids and inlet cleanout are visible in the foreground. The backhoe in the background is on the near edge of the field of Glendon Biofilter

I'm not overly thrilled with how close the tank and inlet is to the surface, but that is apparently a health department requirement due to the perceived high groundwater table. It is workable. The required fall is only 1/4in per ft so I've got room to make the fall and still come out underground from the home pad. I may change the elevation control through so it can come out a bit higher. I will have to recheck some levels on the pad site.

This is one of the four Biofilter pods. You can just see the second one to the far right in the picture. The basins for the other two pods haven't been placed yet.

Overall, I'm impressed with the amount of work they got done in a single day. I think they are planning to finish up on Friday. That will make me very happy. I'll be even happier if I get my official water test form back from the health department with the magical and mystical approval stamp.

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