Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sometimes you need a lawnmover. Isn't it such a cute little thing?

For big yards, you might need a riding mower. I wonder what it wants to be when it grows up?

When you've got 2ac of clearing, road edges, some dense brust, and hills that haven't been mowed in over a year, you need a true manly mower pulled by your diesel ATV. Can I get a GRUNT! GRUNT! GRUNT! from the congregation?

This is a DR products 13hp tow behind brush cutter. The cut width is 48inch. That is 1.2m for my friends in metric-land. This thing will cut through just about anything. 6ft high grass and weeds? No problem. Scotch broom? No problem. Up to 1.5in diameter saplings, wild bushes, and general junk where I don't want it? No problem. So far, anything I've been brave enough to push the ATV through has gone through the mower with no problems. I can even offset the mower to cut to the left or right of the ATV so I'm not getting whacked with branches while mowing down big bushy stuff along the clearing and on the sides of my road.

The whole setup is very slick. The orange box mounted on the right side of my rear rack is the control box. It contains the key switch, throttle, and blade engagement control. I can make changes without having to dismount the ATV. The turning radius is a bit wide due to the length of the seutp. It has no problem with hills, ruts, small ditches, and it sure beats trying to move with a push mower. I've got some sections I haven't done yet. I will take a couple "before" pictures when I get a chance. I made the first cutting pass at a 7.5in height. I'm going to go back now at about 5in and see how that cuts.

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