Sunday, November 1, 2009

Moving Today - Not So Much

Didn't get moved today. Fortunately, I did some prep and testing of the RV's water pump system before leaving the campground this afternoon. At least this way I found the burst main water line from water tank to pump inlet before I was out at my place with no other water source.

Did I mention that the refrigerator decided to die yesterday morning? Please cover the eyes of young children and parental units...


and while I'm on the subject...


OK, I feel much better now. I think I can get to the tank input line from the top. I'll grab a few feet of the right size of hose tomorrow on the way home. If I can't, I can just use a bit more hose and a 55gal drum next to the RV for a temporary water tank. It just has to work until I get the pressure water working from the well. I'm guessing this will put me 2-3 days back on moving. I've gone through the manual's diagnostics on the refrigerator. All the inputs appear to be there and the controller board appears to be putting out all the right voltages. That tells me that something in the evaporative cooling circuit may well have let go. Rather than trying to fix an 11 year old RV refrigerator, I'll just replace it. It is an old discontinued model so I'd rather swap it out than pay a tech to come out and tell me I'm better off chucking it. Fortunately, the opening is a standard size so I won't have to recut the cabinet to fit a new one in there. I might pay one of those mobile-RV-repair guys to come by and install it. Something about trying to lift a 150lb refrigerator into a cabinet just doesn't sound like a lot of fun. I'll do a bit more experimenting tomorrow evening and then make a decision on what to do about it. About the only thing I really need to keep cold is my mountain of Diet Coke and some adult beverages. I can do that with a cooler for a week or two.

Sigh.. Not happy.. I'd be less happy if I'd found the burst line after moving out to the place.

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